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Podcast 374 – What’s Next, Email Questions

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Podcast 373 – Create Shared Expectations

Create shared expectations and you'll have a happy troop. In this week's podcast I answer an email question about a behavior problem. A problem that would never happen if those involved shared expectations. Ask Scouts to analyze their behavior in light of the Scout oath and law. Listen carefully, ask questions, listen more, share your thoughts, and leave this discussion with a very clear set … [Read More...]

Podcast 372 – Eagle Scout Advancement

When thinking about Eagle Scout advancement ... .. we ought to ask “what is an Eagle Scout?” rather than “who deserves to be an Eagle Scout?” The answer to the question “who deserves to be an Eagle Scout?” is easy; any Scout who completes the requirements. That’s it. No more and no less. There’s no Eagle-plus, and no Eagle minus, only Eagle. When you understand that Eagle Scout … [Read More...]

Podcast 371 – Webelos Patrols and Older Scout Issues

Webelos dens as patrols and more older Scout issues ... Catching up on email questions this week I'll talk about Webelos dens working the patrol method and discuss the causes of at least some older Scout problems. (If you listen very carefully you may detect a rant this week). Over thirty years ago I had 18 Webelos in my Webelos den.  I survived that year (as did many of the Webelos). Webelos … [Read More...]

Podcast 370 – Working With Older Scouts

Working with older Scouts between the ages of 14-18 ... ... is both challenging and rewarding. What interests keep them involved? Simply turning up the ‘wow’ factor doesn’t do much to keep them engaged, because they are looking for much more than fun. Respecting and understanding what older Scouts need takes patient observation and an open dialogue.  Our expectations of older Scouts are often … [Read More...]

Podcast 369- Patrols and Planning

Email questions! I'll answer email questions concerning patrols and planning in this week's podcast. I think what most of us want is patrols with long storied histories, stable membership, and high functioning Scouts. It's my suspicion these kinds of patrols only exist in the pages of handbook. I had a dog eared copy the 1940’s era Patrol Leader's Handbook as a kid. It's illustrated with … [Read More...]