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Gifts for Scouts & Scouters – Great Books

These books would make excellent gifts for Scouts or Scouters. As a Scouter and outdoorsman they have been a source of inspiration, practical skills, Scouting history, outdoor lore, and for many years. If you follow the links and purchase an item on this page I get a referral fee. A Sand County Almanac I cannot gather wood and light a fire without recalling Leopold's essay "Good … [Read More...]

Gifts for Scouts and Scouters – Camping Tools

Sturdy, reliable tools make a solid camping kit and  great gifts for Scouts and Scouters. There are cheaper alternatives to some of my choices, but I have chosen tools that I think are a are great value for cost. If you follow the links and purchase an item on this page I get a referral fee. I have owned and used these exact tools, or have otherwise evaluated them throughly. Pocket … [Read More...]

Scout Advancement and Character Building

A reader recently told me they were feeling frustrated with evaluating advancement requirements and lamented "I sometimes wish the people who write these requirements would actually watch them in a troop environment." Tell me about it! We get into difficulty when we look at advancement as our aim, or of central importance to Scouting. It is neither. We parse, measure and debate … [Read More...]

Wise words about Speaking Wisely from Mark Ray

Author and Scouter Mark Ray offers these thoughts on the the GSUSA lawsuit that's been in the news lately; Did you roll your eyes when you heard the news that the Girl Scouts of the USA was suing the Boy Scouts of America for trademark infringement? That’s perhaps understandable–until you dig into the complaint GSUSA filed. ... the words you use can ... cause real harm to our movement (and to … [Read More...]

Podcast 374 – What’s Next, Email Questions

I get lots of email questions about... ... troop conflicts. It may be volunteers arguing with each other, parents arguing with Scouters, volunteers arguing with Scouts, they all have a common thread, and most have a common answer. I also offer my simple advice for welcoming girls into troops, so simple you may not like it very much! I also talk about what's next at Listen to this … [Read More...]