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Podcast 370 – Working With Older Scouts

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Podcast 369- Patrols and Planning

Email questions! I'll answer email questions concerning patrols and planning in this week's podcast. I think what most of us want is patrols with long storied histories, stable membership, and high functioning Scouts. It's my suspicion these kinds of patrols only exist in the pages of handbook. I had a dog eared copy the 1940’s era Patrol Leader's Handbook as a kid. It's illustrated with … [Read More...]

Podcast 368- Constructive Discipline

Scouting discipline is constructive...  ... because it builds character through applying the Scout oath and law. When we think of discipline we often think of  systems of rules and punishments. These things are more familiar to our Scouts than open-ended situation where they follow principles. Asking them to judge themselves rather than issuing judgments may be something new. They will catch the … [Read More...]

Podcast 367- Developing Youth Leadership

Why is Scouting designed around youth leadership? Most Scouters think a youth led troop is the brass ring of Scouting. What exactly do we mean when we talk about youth leadership? There's much confusion and misunderstanding of this than nearly any other aspect of Scouting. Our perspective is often narrowly focused on things that aren't all that important.  If you’ve been following this … [Read More...]

Podcast 366 – Scout Advancement

How does Scout advancement achieve the main aim of Scouting? Todays talk about advancement continues our foundations series. I've written extensively in detail about many aspects of Scout advancement, but this is different. In this podcast I ask how Scout advancement fits into the overall game of Scouting. You'll hear me read from Baden-Powell's Aids to Scoutmastership - If once we make … [Read More...]

Podcast 365 – Patrol System or Method?

What's the difference between Patrol system and Patrol method? I have never found any actual difference between those terms in Scouting literature, but I will share acouple of thoughts to differentiate between patrol system and patrol method in a way you may find helpful. Over the next three podcasts we'll continue our foundations series by examining three main things about Scouting: Patrol … [Read More...]