Wearing Too Many Hats?

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Frank Maynard’s excellent blog ” Bobwhite Blather ” addresses one of the most common problems in Scouting: wearing too many hats!

 “An hour a week,” we were told, and soon found that it’s not always an accurate estimate, “but who’s counting?” we reason, because it’s for our sons and those of our friends and neighbors.

… we realize that there are almost always more things to do than there are people to do them. Sometimes this is due to a lack of volunteers, but too often it’s because we don’t feel comfortable handing over an important or critical task to someone else. That fun that we were having can soon get blown away as we find ourselves swaying in the breeze from the top branches of that tree we’ve been climbing, and if we go any higher we feel like the branch we’re clinging to will snap.

… letting go and giving others a chance to shine is more difficult than adding another hat to the stack that’s already towering on your head. If you are still trying to do everything, do one thing instead: find someone else to do some of that everything. Let them share in the success of your unit and enjoy personal growth through helping out. You’ll be glad you did!

Be sure to read the full post here (unless you are wearing so many hats and can’t spare the time!)