Traditional Canoeing and Painting

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Set aside your paperwork, take a moment, and join me on this six minute retreat into the lakes and forests of New Brunswick, Canada with painter Réjean Roy.  Le Peintre, le canot et la forêt (Painter, canoeing and forest) records Roy’s traditional canoeing kit (note the wanigan, canvas portage pack, trapper tent, canvas covered canoe, and tin stove).

I’m more nervous releasing this video than any paintings I’ve done. It may be because this little video hasn’t been produced in a professional manner – I am not a videographer, but a painter. But videos are fun to do!

Although my first language is French, the video is in English so that I could reach a wider audience. And I just didn’t want to subtitle everything.

The video is a bit contemplative, but it will give an idea to the fans of my work how I get inspired. So take a few relaxing minutes, and let me bring you on a little canoe trip in the wilderness.

Roy’s paintings (see his website here) follow the tradition of  the Algonquin School, a style of painting that captures the spirit of the Canadian wilderness.

rajeanHis painting ‘Spring Island’ (above) captures the spirit of the waters I have traveled many times in Algonquin provincial park. I carry my paintbox on our Scout trips and can only hope to approach Roy’s evocation of those beautiful places.


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