The Thurman Throw

Here’s a game recommended by Walter Underwood named after Scouting’s own  John Thurman, you can find it  in this list of games (pdf file)

Equipment: For each patrol, a Scout stave or broomstick handle

Procedure: The patrols line up in relay formation, with the patrol leader of each holding the stave about 5 feet in front of them . On signal, he tosses the stave to the first Scout in line, who tosses it back to him and ducks down . The patrol leader then tosses the stave to the second Scout, who catches it, tosses it back, ducks down, and so on through the line . The last Scout in line catches and tosses twice, and then it’s tossed to each Scout back down the line . Each Scout remains standing after this toss and catch .

Scoring: The first patrol with all players standing wins


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The Thurman Throw PDF file

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