The Thurman Throw

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Here’s a game recommended by Walter Underwood named after Scouting’s own  John Thurman, you can find it  in this list of games (pdf file).

Equipment: For each patrol, a Scout stave or broomstick handle.


  1. The patrols line up in relay formation, with the patrol leader of each holding the stave about 5 feet in front of them.
  2. On signal, he tosses the stave to the first Scout in line, who tosses it back to him and ducks down.
  3. The patrol leader then tosses the stave to the second Scout, who catches it, tosses it back, ducks down, and so on through the line.
  4. The last Scout in line catches and tosses twice, and then it’s tossed to each Scout back down the line. Each Scout remains standing after this toss and catch.

Scoring: The first patrol with all players standing wins!


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