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Thoughts On Scouting

Ideas, Insights and Inspirations for Scouters

Authored by Clarke Green

I have a fondness for sayings, maxims, adages, mottoes, epigrams, proverbs, and aphorisms. There’s poetry and beauty in expressing a complex thought with a few well-chosen words.

This book of 150 thoughts on scouting were first published as 140 character long ‘tweets’ over the past few months,  it’s been great fun to watch them take on a life of their own.

My aim is to get you thinking about your work in Scouting, to create a source of inspiration for Scoutmaster minutes, and provide some material you can use  to liven up training sessions.

To keep things cheerful (and because I don’t take myself too terribly seriously) I’ve thrown in a joke or two.

I know that not every idea in the book is new, and I doubt many are original (I haven’t consciously used anyone else’s material; somebody once said “Good writers borrow, great writers steal.”)

Since people do ask consider this my permission to republish anything in this book in newsletters or any similar communication that furthers the work of Scouting. All I ask is that you let folks know where you found it.

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