The Scout Law on Independence Day

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On Independence Day we celebrate;

We celebrate the trust our nation’s first leaders invested in one another.

We celebrate loyalty they mutually pledged: their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.

We celebrate the helpfulness of those who aided our fledgling country.

We celebrate friendship born in service and devotion to the aims of liberty.

We celebrate courtesy, the civility that both values our own ideals and treats those of others with respect.

We celebrate kindness our nation extends to welcome those seeking refuge and hope.

We celebrate our obedience to the laws of our nation, among which are those laws that allow us to challenge the law itself an orderly manner.

We celebrate cheerfully knowing that a nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal has long endured.

We celebrate the thrift, prudence and providence that have carried us forward.

We celebrate the bravery of millions who have defended our independence in word and deed.

We celebrate the clean, clear potential inherent in every citizen.

We celebrate reverently, honoring the many traditions of faith that live peacefully together.

We reaffirm our duty to country, to engender cooperation in seeking the common good and to uphold the dignity of individual independence.

We don’t ignore our differences but recognize the strength diversity brings to the foundation of our nation.