Tell Me about Your High Adventure Trip

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algo 2013

The view from our campsite on Lake Hogan

It’s time for show and tell!

What high adventure trip did your Scouts participate in this summer? ( I am sure the Jamboree was great, but I am looking for reports on wilderness treks)

Where did you go? How was the trip? Have any pictures?

Answer in the comments below (you can include links to pictures) and share what you did this summer.

What? No high adventure this summer? Well, there’s always next summer! Start planning now – here’s the first of  a six part series about developing a troop-based high adventure program.

Here’s what we did for our high adventure trip this summer:

16 Scouts and 9 adults headed north to Ontario, Canada’s Algonquin Provincial Park. We divided into three crews (two of nine, one of seven) and each pursued a different route through the park during 7 days of paddling and portaging.

We prepared for several months by holding meetings to instruct Scouts in paddling and camping skills culminating in a shakedown weekend in June. The week prior to the trip we spent three evenings buying and packing our food (we have developed a hybrid menu of grocery store food and bulk freeze dried ingredients). Here’s a more detailed series of posts about our canoe trips

Here’s my crew’s route through the park:

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