Scoutmaster Podcast 170 – Scouts Australia National Youth Council

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This edition of the Scoutmaster Podcast features an interview with Scout’s Australia National Youth Council Chair Chris Neilsen. We discuss the place of organized youth voice and Scouting and Chris shares a bit about Scouting in Australia.

All this and your messages in the mailbag!

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  1. says

    This is very timely as out Troop and Crew has just connected with the Warnbro Sound Scout Group just outside of Perth as pen pals. We connected through a Scouting blog.
    Australia has a Scouting Pen Pal program and they are eager to have Troops form the US in this program.
    Tonight during our PLC I will fully introduce the program. I have created a landing page for our Scouters down under on our own web site. This includes instructions for communicating with our brothers and sisters in Australia as well as photos of the Group.
    I initiated this program as I want our Scouts to get exposure to other cultures. I feel that Scouts would have like minded ideals and it would the safest way to do this.
    So far I have really enjoyed emailing and Skyping with my counterpart in Australia. I look forward to making long lasting friendships over the “pond”.

    • David Richardson says

      Hello all,
      First of all Jim, thankyou. I have also enjoyed our email and Skype with you. Knowing that at the end of the day it will be our Troops who benefit from this I am looking forward to a long friendship.

      Our Scouts have now been given Troop 727 email address so I hope they will start email each other.

      David Richardson
      Scout Leader “Obiwan”
      1st Warnbro Sound Scout Group

  2. says

    To clarify, I only find it irritating that everyone thinks we’re the same as America because it means people think we’re boys only too, so I get asked or even sometimes told that girls can’t be Scouts! As a female Scout, that gets old pretty quickly!! (And yes, I’m a Scout like your Boy Scouts, we’re members of WOSM. We have another organisation called Girl Guides who are members of WAGGGS like your Girl Scouts). Still, maybe eventually me and all of the other Scouts in the country correcting people, and all of the advertising and being out in the community that we do, will mean everyone in the country will finally get it… I live in hope! :P

    -Chris, the one in the podcast ;)