Scoutmaster Gift Guide

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Here’s another Scoutmaster gift guide of gear and accessories that I think any Scouter will enjoy.
My kit for dutch oven cooking is included below, cooking in a dutch oven is great fun and serves up some great food!

Lodge Dutch Oven
Lodge dutch ovens are the industry standard for fit and finish (and they are made in the USA). This is an 8 quart dutch oven with feet and a lid that is rimmed to hold coals; there are dutch ovens with domed lids for the kitchen but they don’t work well on a campfire.  Lodge dutch oven at Amazon
Green_laser Visible Beam Pointer
The visible beam at night is an ideal way show stars to a group of Scouts. During the day the green dot is bight enough to point out features on a nature hike. Several times the brightness of a common red laser pointer: this is a serious tool – be prudent. Green Laser Pointer at Amazon
Dutch Oven Lid Lifter
Makes things a lot easier. You’ll find yourself lifting the lid to check the progress of your cooking fairly regularly and while pliers or improvised hooks will do the job a lid lifter is much more secure. Lid lifter at Amazon
  Deep Organizer
I always have a dozen things like pencils, pens, markers, paper clips, spare batteries, sewing kit, deck of cards, repair kit, etc. that I keep in this 2 3/4″ deep x 13″ x 9″ organizer with movable dividers.  Plano Stowaway at Amazon
Lodge Fire Gloves
Oven mitts burn, Leather work gloves are too thin, you want are insulated leather gloves designed for the job. A couple of extra dollars for the right gloves is worth it. Lodge Insulated Gloves at Amazon
Flip Up Magnifier
I find these magnifiers very helpful for close work. They are inexpensive and actually pretty well made. Clip-and-Flip Magnifying Lens at Amazon
Dutch Oven Lid Stand
It’s handy to have a parking spot for the lid while stirring or adding ingredients. Lid stand at Amazon
Sidekick Multi-Tool
I have owned a number of multi-tools over the years and this is my clear favorite. Lighter than most, but with all the most used components.  Leatherman Sidekick Multi-Tool at Amazon
Lodge Dutch Oven Table 
You don’t need a dutch oven table but it will make life easier. Lodge makes the Cadillac of dutch oven tables (and it costs a mint of money). A generous wind screen and sturdy legs raise the oven off the ground. Dutch oven table at Amazon
Maxpedition Organizer
Sturdy zip-up case for any number of small items. Mine carries pencils, pens and various small tools.  Maxpedition Organizer at Amazon
Weber Chimney Starter
If I can’t build a wood fire I’ll use a chimney starter. A couple of crumpled sheets of newspaper on the bottom, charcoal on top, light  and you’ll have hot charcoal in a few minutes. The Weber 7416 is the best; it has a bail handle to make emptying the charcoal easier.  Weber 7416 at Amazon
Fiskars Hatchet
Sturdy, solid, and very highly reguarded. Light weight, will last you a lifetime. Just the right size for cutting and splitting firewood for the camp fire.  Fiskars 14-Inch Hatchet at Amazon
Poor Man’s Dutch Oven Table 
A galvanized steel bushel basket or washtub is one way to contain the coals and holds the oven while cooking. It also carries all you gear and charcoal. Bushel basket steel tub at Amazon
Axe Sharpening Stone
Two different grits on a round stone for keeping axes, hatchets and even knife blades sharp. Round stones are kind of hard to find in stores.  Axe Stone at Amazon