Scout Pioneering

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Larry Green (no relation) has an excellent website and blog on the subject of Scout Pioneering:

My name is Larry Green and for over twenty years, I’ve been a student of the late, greatly-loved and widely admired Adolph Peschke, author of the (previous) Pioneering Merit Badge pamphlet, and the acknowledged designer of thirty original “boy-sized” pioneering projects. Adolph’s way of presenting pioneering principles and projects is not only informative, but also serves to motivate and inspire. He clearly lays out what is needed, so Scouts can experience success and enjoy the fruits inherent in carrying out well-prepared plans, while putting into action the special skills required.

My recipe for retirement includes devoting much of my time and attention to the proliferation of pioneering skills and projects throughout the Scouting community. By helping develop council pioneering kits for use by interested units, and establishing trained teams of council-level instructors to share the necessary skills and approaches, more Scouts will be in the position to experience the richness and timeless fun associated with Scout pioneering.

From the post Why Pioneering?

Check out Scout Pioneering, it’s a great resource about the subject.

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