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No volunteer is expected  to be an expert with an encyclopedic knowledge of Scouting (see the links to Scouting resources below). All we really need to is the will to learn and the good sense to accept and apply what we learn:

  • We ought to take advantage of as many training opportunities as possible.
  • Familiarize ourselves with informational resources.
  • Have the humility to correct ourselves if we find we are off course.
  • Be open to new methods and ideas.
  • Learn from successes and failures.
  • Practice our role with appropriate gravity tempered by a sense of humor.

Adversity will come our way, things will go wrong and plans will fall apart. No matter how carefully we prepare something is going to change, something unexpected is going to happen.

We’ll be ready to take on what comes, even when we aren’t quite certain what that is. We’ll always see room for improvement. Let’s face it; we may never have it all together. But we’ll be patient with ourselves, long-suffering with others, and cheerful even when the going is difficult.

Your best asset is a resilient  calm, determined attitude. We don’t equate self-worth and accomplishment with immediate results – develop your tolerance for adversity and uncertainty.

Value experience above skill. Experience helps us avoid the common mistakes, weed out shortsighted solutions, and take measures that work in the long-term.

The only way to gain experience is to act – so we’ll always be moving forward. Things will fail now and again but failure isn’t indicative of a lack of character or ability; its a part of the process of moving forward. So keep moving and don’t be afraid of failing.

If we don’t fear failure we develop clarity and decisiveness. We develop resolve and vision; we learn that we are not expected to be heroes but just to keep moving forward.

Run to the Resource

You can have all the answers if you know where to find them. There’s a wealth of information available – here’s my Links to B.S.A. Resources also check out the feature pages at below.