Titanium Reflector Oven

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reflector oven

reflector oven
Dan Baker shared an interesting  9 ounce reflector oven idea constructed of titanium foil, aluminum and bicycle spokes. I think this is a great design,  it’s lightweight, collapsible and looks like a fun project.

I cannot resist taking this on my trips. I have baked pizza, chocolate muffins, bread, etc… with this and it is always terrific! I use silicon baking trays and cups and mainly use ‘add water only’ cake packs and my recipe for bread and pizza dough. The sides are aluminium, the reflector and tray are titanium and the ‘nuts and bolts’ are spokes. As you can see it folds up small and I am happy enough with the weight…

There are no plans available that I could find but it looks fairly straight forward for someone who is handy. This idea was shared through the Backpacking Light forum, you can see the whole thread on the project  here: Reflector Oven – Forums.

Dan’s use of silicon baking cups is a great idea too. A lightweight silicone baking pan would be an excellent addition to my canoe camping kitchen. It would make a great mixing bowl, water holder, sink, and since it is flexible it would be much easier to pack.

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