Rapid Scout Recipe Videos

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These seven rapid Scout recipe videos from Scouts UK are great fun! What true Scout (or Scouter for that matter) wouldn’t be tempted to try  something called “Armpit Fudge?

When my Scouts cook high cuisine is a rarity. When it comes to food they prefer speed to subtlety; so any rapid Scout recipe should be right up their alley. Each one is simple, easy to prepare, but require a little more effort than throwing a brick of ramen in a pot of boiling water. (By the way; you can eat uncooked ramen right out of the package. I’ve seen Scouts do just that several times!)

My fellow Scouters frequently note that their Scouts don’t seem to be all that creative or interested in real cooking. Baden-Powell, like all proper  gentleman, was an equestrian. He used this equestrian analogy in “Aid’s to Scoutmastership”:

… our object is to get all the boys interested. The Scoutmaster who puts his boys at an easy fence to begin with will find them jumping with confidence and keenness, whereas if he gives them an
upstanding stone wall to begin, it makes them shy of leaping at all.

Encourage your Scouts to try these rapid recipes as ‘easy fences’.  Once they have succeeded in preparing these recipes they may be inspired to cook even more ambitious dishes.

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