Principles of Scoutmastership

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 scoutmastership comissionA reader sent  a link to a venerable work published many decades ago titled “Principles of Scoutmastership in Relation to Boy Development” prepared by a commission who set themselves the task of answering these questions

1. What is this development we seek for the boy?
2. What is the boy?
3. How does he develop?
4. What elements of the Scout program are effective in his development?
5. What are the resulting principles for the guidance of the Scoutmaster?

Their answers, while couched in terminology that may not have aged all that well, are still sound and relevant today.

Keeping in mind that our immediate aim for the boy is to influence his present conduct so that a strong character will result; keeping in mind that the boy is as he comes to us; keeping in mind the ways in which a boy learns and keeping in mind what we find in Scouting to aid us, let us consider what are the principles we Scout leaders shall use to help the boy’s development.

We see every day that boys are developing in some degree through Scouting under trained leadership and we cannot help but feel that this development will be immeasurably increased as Scoutmasters learn more skillfully and wisely to use the tools to which our program and laws of learning provide. The greatest value of Scouting to the boy will only be realized as we train ourselves to properly apply it.

I’ve created a PDF file of the Principles of Scoutmastership  and also posted the entire document on this page.