Patrol Box Design

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Here’s a design for a patrol box or chuck box that would be relatively simple to build. Based on two units of 24″ x 18″ x 18″ nesting boxes that, when assembled, provide a generous  work top and storage. The two units are shown packed for transport in the left side of this picture.


The boxes are designed of 1/2″ plywood to minimize weight and with butt joints to keep building relatively simple. A removable panel that forms the side of each unit can be configured to hold utensils or tools and hung on the side of the assembled workstation. The lids of each unit form the center worktop and shelf.

Here is a detail of the  way these units pack for transport. They should be large enough to hold all of the cooking gear a patrol needs on an outing. A two burner stove fits into the space between the removable side panel and the bottom unit shelf.
No hardware or mechanism for locking the assembly together is shown but it should be fairly straightforward.

Check out these chuck boxes, camp kitchens.

Let me know what your troop uses for patrol cooking gear.

This design was produced with Google SketchUp.
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