What is a Patrol? Part 1 – A Team for Adventure

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What is a patrol 1

When the evil Sauron was terrorizing the fictional world of Middle-Earth only the Fellowship of the Ring could stop him.

When a comic-book demigod threatened to invade the earth with an evil army, only the Avengers could save the planet!

None of them would’ve been able to accomplish these things alone!

The Fellowship of the Ring and the Avengers may be fiction, but the principle is real, and it will work for your Patrol. Scouts bound by a common purpose become a powerful team.

A group heading out for adventure and doing great things is more exciting and more fun than going alone!

Scouts may not be fighting Sauron or saving the planet from evil demigods, but we do take on the challenge of improving ourselves and the world around us.  To accomplish this we need a team, and your team for adventure is the Patrol.

How big should this team be? Well, anything larger than eight or nine guys, and the team can’t be very efficient and close-knit. Anything too small and the team isn’t very strong. The ideal size of a Patrol is around six to eight guys. (The Fellowship of the Ring had nine and the Avengers had six!)

Good teams need structure and organization! Just like in the Avengers and Fellowship, each member of your Patrol should have a specific role and responsibility based on their individual strengths.

If you know the story you’ll remember The Avengers didn’t get along at first, but as they learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses the team grew stronger. They would’ve certainly been defeated during the final battle if they hadn’t blended their talents together into a powerful team.

Captain America led the Avengers, Gandalf led the Fellowship of the ring, and a Patrol has a Leader too. The Patrol Leader doesn’t have to be the smartest or oldest. It’s best if they have good decision-making ability and leadership skills but there’s something even more important; the Patrol Leader should earn the respect of his fellow Scouts by being wholeheartedly dedicated to serving the team.

Nothing is more powerful for doing awesome things than a team of individuals with a common purpose. In Scouting, this team is the Patrol. It is made up of six to eight Scouts who use their individual strengths in different roles. This team held together and led by the Patrol Leader.

Do you have a role in your Patrol? Is your Patrol getting things done, are they a team? Leave a comment below or get on the GreenBar Life Forum and let me know!

In part two we’ll learn just what makes a group of Scouts a real team for adventure!