New Tools in Guide to Safe Scouting

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safe scouting

Keeping Scouts safe is a key responsibility of any Scouter, and Safe scouting requires we understand and mange the risks involved in our activities.

Scouter Walter Underwood has posted an excellent overview of recent changes to the Guide to Safe Scouting that include a Campout Safety Checklist (PDF)Event Safety Checklist (PDF)Incident Information Report (fillable PDF), and Near Miss Incident Information Report (fillable PDF).

I think these new tools provide an excellent framework to maintain our awareness of our responsibilities and obligations to maintaining safe Scouting. Every Scouter should review the Guide to Safe Scouting and be familiar with the key concepts of maintaining a safe environment.

Like many of you I have struggled with the balance between adventure and safe Scouting – but I have learned that they are not mutually exclusive terms.

Scouters hold a sacred trust to do all in their power to maintain a safe environment for adventure. It’s not only possible, it’s essential. We should all take the time to study these resources and learn how to apply them.