National Outdoor Challenge Award

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national outdoor challenge awardThe National Outdoor Challenge Award is established  to recognize and encourage outdoor activities:

National Outdoor Challenge Award
The National Outdoor Challenge recognizes troops that maintain or increase the amount of outdoor activity when compared to the previous year. With the release of this award, the National Camping Award has been discontinued.

The award is recognized with a streamer for the unit flag.

The application is available here

National Outdoor Achievement Award
The National Outdoor Achievement Award recognizes Boy Scouts/Varsity Scouts who excel in outdoor participation. The award has five areas of emphasis (camping, aquatics, hiking, riding, and adventure) with rigorous requirements to earn each segment.

For Scouts looking for an extra challenge, there’s the National Medal for Outdoor Achievement. This challenging award requires earning at least three of the National Outdoor Achievement segments, planning and leading a trek, earning Wilderness First Aid certification, and becoming a Leave No Trace Trainer, as well as fulfilling several other requirements.

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