More Camp Kitchen Permutations

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Here’s my latest overview of the endless permutations of the humble patrol box, chuck box, or camp kitchen.

We use the  Rubbermaid Action Packer to house our modest patrol cook kits. I know some of you don’t care for car camping or big patrol boxes. I find the different solutions folks come up with for setting up a kitchen in a campsite fascinating.

Grub Hub Camp Kitchen – the epitome of engineered camp kitchen rigs.

My Camp Kitchen was created by aerospace engineer.

A slick patrol box built by St. Louis Case and Cabinet

camp kitchen

Found via Pinterest (I have to say this is one of my favorites!)

Here’s a chuck box made of corrugated plastic offered by Camping Kitchen Box

Finally, this set of boxes designed and built by an engineer (here’s the story), and here’s a set of drawings to build your own.

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