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lightning infographic

weathermapTwo recent events prompted me to make a lightning safety infographic. Yesterday evening we held our Scout meeting at a park nearby during a powerful thunderstorm. We took shelter and played games for most of the hour and a half (this was one of our ‘summer sessions’ and we usually play a bunch of games at the park).

While we were at the park  23 Scouts and adults were injured in a lightning strike at Camp Griswold in New Hampshire (hundreds of miles and several states away from us). Thankfully none of the injuries were serious, but this close call prompts us to review lightning safety.

Every adult volunteer should take the time to complete the online weather hazards training;

Weather Hazards

Hazardous Weather training must be completed prior to requesting a tour permit from the BSA. The module presents safety precautions for eight different types of weather, as well as planning, preparation, and traditional weather signs. You will answer questions about the topics after each section. Completion is noted automatically in the BSA training records database if the module is experienced online.Estimated time to complete: 40 minutes.

There are many online resources for studying weather safety in general and lightning in particular, I recommend the National Weather Service Lightning Safety page.
Here’s a lightning safety infographic explaining the ’30/30′ rule – if the time between the flash of lightning and the sound of thunder is thirty seconds or less take shelter until 30 minutes until the last thunder is heard. Many wait too long to take shelter and leave shelter too soon, risk is greatly decreased by following the 30/30 rule.

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