Acting Like a Leader – Be a Leader! Part 3

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be a leader3

On one of the first camping trips I went to, my Troop had the unpleasant duty of cleaning the latrine. No one wanted to do it! I certainly didn’t want to, but on an impulse I volunteered to help.

Have you ever seen a movie where one guy volunteers for a hard job and everybody else pitches in because they felt bad about shirking their duty?

I was hoping volunteering to clean the latrine would be like the movies and  a swarm of volunteers would help me.

Unfortunately, nobody volunteered. Nobody would’ve helped if the Senior Patrol Leader hadn’t made them!

I was tempted to be discouraged by this, I continued volunteering for hard jobs like this because I believed it was the right thing to do (even if I didn’t feel like it).There were plenty of times the rest of the Scouts were happy to just let me do the work, but there were other times when one or two of the Scouts would follow my lead and volunteer with me!

This experience taught me the power of a good example. Other Scouts followed the example and spirit of what I was doing. I earned a lot of respect and it stayed with me when I became a Patrol Leader and later as Senior Patrol Leader.

Even if you don’t have an official position you don’t have to wait to start leading! Being agood example and showing some spirit will strongly influence your group and put you on the path to leadership success.

Leaders set a good example and show initiative. Next time dishes need to be washed instead complaining about it like everyone else just step up and lead – get those dishes washed in record time

Most people imagine leaders just give orders and make important decisions. But real leadership is leading in spirit, encouraging others, and being a good example.

If you want to be a leader, start leading in spirit, encouraging others, and being a good example right now. Don’t wait! Others will take notice! You know why? Because someone who is willing to take on responsibility without the fancy title is rare and valuable. Be that person!

Are there any Scouts in your Troop who go out of their way to set a good example? What opinion does the rest of the Troop have of them? Leave a comment below and join the discussion at the GreenBar life forum – let me know!

Plenty of people are good at giving orders, but true leaders have always been scarce! Be a true leader in your Troop right here, right now. You can make a real difference in the world!