Japanese Square Lashing

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I’ve watched Scouts who struggle with the traditional square lashing (especially getting it tight enough) learn the Japanese square lashing quickly and go on to actually building stuff rather than fiddling with lashings. The Japanese Square Lashing is a vast improvement over the traditional square lashing Scouts normally use that involves tying clove hitches. It’s simpler and faster  to tie and can be drawn up much tighter.

There are three versions of the Japanese square lashing, my favorite is the ‘Mark II’ pictured below:

japanese square lashing

The other two types of Japanese square lashing are pictured in this PDF excerpt of  Gerald Findley’s excellent book Ropeworks Plus available on Amazon. Ropeworks Plus features clear drawings and directions and useful, practical information on knots , lashings, splicing and much more.

Check out This excellent set of directions at

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