Innovative Patrol Kitchen Box Design

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Here’s an innovative take on patrol kitchen box design;

Our troop wanted a patrol cook kit that could be carried by one scout (or two small scouts), and the old traditional patrol box just could not be scaled down to work.  So we set out to design a kit on our own.  We decided what we wanted in the kit and built the box to contain only that gear.  The box contains no food, and limited consumables.

The box alone sat too low for convenient use.  So, we had to build a stand to raise the box up for easy reach and to get it out of the dirt.  It drops right over the top of the box for storage and makes stacking the boxes more secure.  We use portable tables for work surfaces since the box has no fold down work area.  We found this to be better than having the work in progress blocking access to the storage bins.

Notice that the internal dividers do not go all the way to the bottom of the box.  This was done to eliminate ‘lost’ items in the bottom of the small areas, like the cutting board slot.  You can easily reach items that fall into the box from an adjacent large bin.  Use a couple of 2” wide scraps to hold them up off the bottom while fastening them to the shell

The idea of the nesting stand is an ingenious addition to the plan.
PDF Plans of the Troop 12 Patrol Kitchen Kit

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