How to Build a Campfire

Here’s a simple formula for how to build a campfire, it’s easy to remember. ‘Gather’ and ‘Build’ are  the key concepts:


…everything before you strike a match. The sizes and amounts are rules of thumb, don’t over-engineer things. For some reason my Scouts always seem to break the sticks they gather into tiny pieces, keep them close to the sizes specified and you’ll have a better chance of succeeding.


… don’t be overly concerned with trying to make a teepee or a log cabin or any of the traditional illustrated fire lays that look nice and neat – get the tinder burning, add the kindling and then the fuel.  A fire has to have something to burn, don’t be shy. Most of my fires are piles, some look a little like teepees, just do what works. Fires spread up more than out, get the kindling and fuel directly over the flame.

how to build a campfire

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