Navigating the Eagle Project for Beneficiaries

eagle project guide

The B.S.A. has published a helpful guide – Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project Information for Project Beneficiaries –  that defines the way an Eagle Project works from the perspective of the benefiting organization.

Key elements of the process are explained :

  • The Eagle Scout Rank and the Service Project
  • Typical Projects
  • Project Restrictions and Limitations
  • Approving the Project Proposal and Project Scheduling
  • Approving Final Plans
  • Permits, Permissions, and Authorizations
  • Supervision
  • Project Completion and Approval

Much needless confusion and difficulty over the Eagle project can be avoided if everyone involved takes the time to read and understand resources about the whole process of proposing, approving and reviewing an Eagle project.
The Eagle Project Workbook (must be saved to your computer and opened with Adobe Reader 9 or later to take advantage of expandable text boxes and importing images).
Section 9 of the The Guide to Advancement 2013  explains exactly how the whole process works.