Fleur-De-Lis Knot

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fleur-de-lis knot

This video from the author of Paracord Fusion Ties demonstrates tying a fleur-de-lis knot –

I have the Kindle edition of Volume one of Paracord Fusion Ties (there are three volumes). It has very easy to follow illustrations and I recommend highly, the number of things you can make with paracord is nearly endless, and it’s great fun. Before you know it you’ll be making paracord bracelets, neckerchief slides, key fobs, and lanyards.

You may even want to let your Scouts give it a try!

The fleur-de-lis knot isn’t in the book but the author’s website is a treasure-trove of on instructional videos and tutorials like the one above.

Time for some bulk paracord orders!

fleur-de-lis knot
Paracord Fusion Ties Volume 1 at Amazon

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