Does Cotton Really Kill? Ask Empire Canvas Works

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Scoutmasters cringe at the thought of jean-clad Scouts wearing their favorite cotton sweatshirt on a rainy weekend camping trip. Remember how uncomfortable those old waffle-weave cotton long johns were? Like most of us I am happy to have my Gortex, polypro, and fleece.

Duane and Margot Lottig have rediscovered the utility and comfort of natural fibers for winter wear and offer stoutly made garments in northern Minnesota;

We're Empire Canvas Works, and we're not here to replicate the technology-laden garb you see on retail shelves. Our task is to harness the steady function of natural fibers, and blend it with a few modern traits that ensure comfort and durability. We believe that your garments, handwear, and footwear should work the same way, every day, despite age, wear, and exposure to the elements. Our goal is to sell you a great product- once. Your task is to wear your mitten palms smooth on the Hickory of an axe, collect generations of puppy hair on your vest, and listen as the tight fibers of your anorak sing quietly against the brush for miles on end.

Our mid-Atlantic winters are comparatively mild and wet but if lived in the great white north I'd save my pennies and outfit myself in Empire Canvas.