Action Packer Patrol Box Ideas

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Have you seen out my outdoor gear guide?

action packer 2Here’s some pictures of a customized Rubbermaid  Action Packer from a post at FJ Crusier Forums.

The modifications include a hinge on the lid reinforced with electrical conduit, wire organizers attached to the inside, a knife rack, and paper towel holder for the outside.

The author mentions Viewtainer Storage Containers  that he uses to store small items held in the lid of the box with bungee cords (very clever idea!)

We’ve carried patrol gear in Action Packers for many years. I never gave much thought to modifying them, but this customized approach certainly suggests some interesting ideas.

In the 80’s, I made a couple of really nice chuck boxes out of plywood. The first was made of 1/2″ plywood. It held everything that we needed to bring, but I always complained about the weight.

I made the next one out of 3/8″ plywood. It was lighter, but by the time we loaded up the stove, pots and pans and other odds and ends, it was still too heavy…

Here is what I ended up with based on the last few times that we were camping.

When you get to camp, there is a towel bar, a paper towel holder and a wire shelf that get attached to the outside with wing nuts. There are a couple of pieces of curved emt (electrical tubing) that helps reinforce the piano hinge.

Light weight bungee cords secure the Viewtainers to the lid even while closed. Inside the Viewtainers are things like matches and tinder, forks and spoons, first aid, mantles, condiments, Splenda, tea bags, Instant coffee, spare parts and a whole lot more.

action packer patrol box

action packer 1
action packer 3

action packer 4

action packer 5

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