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Recent Articles

Scoutmaster Podcast 321- Brownsea Island Moment

21 boys boarded a boat in Poole Harbor... ... they had no way of knowing they were pioneering a movement for millions of young people around the world. Several lived well into old age to vividly recount their experiences decades later.   Scouting's pathways are now worn by travel, but each new Scout today has a "Brownsea Island Moment" when they encounter a new and unexplored land, … [Read More...]

Zepplin Bend Infographic

The Zeppelin bend is an easy, secure way of joining two lines.  Where it really shines, though, is how easy it is to untie even after it has been under a heavy load. Also called a Rosendahl Bend after Commander of the Lakehurst, N.J. Naval Air Station Charles Rosendahl who purportedly insisted it be used to moor airships under his command. The Zeppelin Bend Infographic is available as a … [Read More...]

What is Your Scouting Legacy?

You probably can't appreciate what your Scouting legacy will be a few years from now. Today you have your hands and your head full of getting things done; looking into the future may not be high priority. No matter how hopeful or difficult things may seem at the moment, no matter how well or poorly you imagine you are doing, how organized or chaotic things may seem, you are doing important … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 320 – The Garden

Scouting needs gardeners more than managers or officers. Scouting isn’t the science of management or military discipline, it’s much more like a garden. Gardeners prepare the ground, plant the seed, keep the weeds away, make sure there is plenty of water and sunshine and step back.  Scouting is just like that. We know our Scouts need the same things but not necessarily in equal measure. They … [Read More...]

Podcast 319 – Scoutmaster Conferences & More

Are Scoutmaster's Conferences a retest? Can assistant Scoutmasters do them? This week we'll catch up on listener email by answering these questions and more. When it comes to Scoutmaster conferences they are explained unambiguously in teh Guide to Advancement, so none of this is a matter of opinion or a difference in style, it is very clearly delineated policy that instructs us on conducting … [Read More...]