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What is a “Boy-Led Troop”?

Many Scouters claim; "We have a boy-led (or youth-led, or Scout-led) Troop," but what does that really mean? Official literature mentions this sort of thing often, but how is do we really define "boy-led"? We'd like to think what the Scouts do and how they do it defines "boy-led", but it doesn't. Young people lead themselves all the time, it comes quite naturally to them. What adults do … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 301- Your Scouting Vision

What's your vision for Scouting? Have you ever taken the time to really examine your Scouting vision, how you picture where you are headed as a Scouter?  When I first became a Scoutmaster my vision was defined by what I knew at the time. The pictures in my head were so powerful, it sounds silly now, but they were so powerful I was trying to recreate them without understanding them. If we … [Read More...]

Leadership, Power, Responsibility, and Service

Anyone who takes on a position of responsibility as a leader will feel pretty self-important at first. After all, you have been chosen, or you stepped in when no one else did. It's a big ego boost to have a title, to have people follow your directions. That's a pretty heady feeling isn't it... all that power? Power scratches an itch, and some leaders never quite lose their addiction to power. … [Read More...]

Podcast 300 – Start, Stop, Continue

What works, what doesn't and what's new? The Scoutmaster blog started with it’s first post in October of 2005, just over ten years ago (it’s titled “Why Scouting?”) The first podcast was published on January 25th 2010 - exactly five years ago today. During 300 episodes I’ve been privileged to connect with Scouters all over the world, and the one thing I know for certain that we all experience … [Read More...]

Every Scout is a Leader

We tend  to focus only on directive leadership roles when we are thinking about engaging our Scouts in leadership, but every Scout can (and ought to) be a leader. Here's some thoughts you can use to encourage all of your Scouts to engage in leadership. Leadership is much more than standing in front of the group giving directions. There are four ways every Scout is a leader - First you lead … [Read More...]