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Scoutmaster Podcast 352 Catching Up

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The Boys Ask Green Bar Bill About the Patrol Method

A virtual question and answer session with Green Bar Bill about the patrol method from the December 1943 Edition of Scouting magazine. If you aren't familiar with Bill "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt check out these articles to learn more. Download this article as a PDF document below. The Boys Ask Green Bar Bill About the Patrol Method GENTLEMEN, we've been pushed entirely out of the picture this … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 351 Nettlesome Scouting Problems

 Some Scouting problems are just nettlesome... ... they aren't discipline problems, or particularly disruptive, just nettlesome, irritating, like stinging nettles. Everyone thinks it’s the Scoutmaster’s responsibility to fix nettlesome Scouting problems, truth is it isn’t, at least not directly. Most Scouters run into a situation like this, it bothers them, and then they create a rule … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 350 Scouting Charters

 Who "owns" the pack, troop or crew? Scouting Charters are held by a chartering organization owns all of the assets of a Scout unit.  As for whether or not they will dictate how the money is spent; the chartered organization is responsible to make sure finances are administered properly. In practice most chartered organizations do not get very involved in the management of the finances or … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 349 – Scout Contracts?

Should we ask Scouts to sign "leadership contracts"? A couple of decades ago I tried Scout contracts, it was a mistake. I guess at the time that I would teach my Scouts a thing or two and demand that that sign a Scout contract before they took on a role of responsibility. Of course they signed it and then they did not behave any differently, they missed meetings and trips just like before. I … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 348 – Who Leads Scout Leaders?

If the Scouts are leading themselves who is leading the Scout leaders? This week I'll field a couple of email questions that ask the question "who leads the Scout leaders?" Scouting is a team sport, while we all work to build consensus it's not a democracy. It is, as BP said, “a jolly game” that depends on families, scouts and Scouters working together in a collaborative process.  When people … [Read More...]