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Scoutmaster Podcast 346 – On The Appalachian Trail Again

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Scoutmaster Podcast 345- Active Scouts and Scouters

We encourage active Scouts a number of ways ... ... but at the heart of the matter there's only two things that make a difference, and  I'll discuss those two key points in this week's podcast. The same things that make active Scouts can help us increase activity at roundtables and other functions like courts of honor. We may be looking for answers in all the wrong places, or think low attendance … [Read More...]

What is a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster?

I've struggled to understand the role of a junior assistant Scoutmaster. It's right there on the organizational chart, it  has a (kind of fuzzy) job description, but (like many of you) I never found a way to apply this role to my complete satisfaction. When our older Scouts became junior assistant Scoutmasters they seemed to enter some kind of limbo and slowly fade away. My troop has never … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 344 – Patrols and Schedules

Personal schedules are just one of the things that affect a Scout patrol ... ... and we can't do things as if it were 10 years ago, much less 100. One of our challenges as Scouters (and human beings) is adapting to change while maintaining our goals and principles. It's not impossible, but it can be hard work. In this podcast I'll discuss transition and change in a few different contexts … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 343 – Scout Advancement Questions

Scout advancement questions are often easy to answer ... ... if you simply take things at face value. It's actually all pretty easy to understand. Problems arise when Scouters don't challenge their own assumptions after they have read the requirements or directions and policies in the Guide to Advancement. This week I'll answer three Scout advancement questions you've emailed me. As always, … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 342 – Recruiting Scouts

There are two ways of recruiting Scouts that actually work ... ... and I've have tried just about everything, special meetings, special trips, flyers, etc. None of those things has ever netted us one single new Scout.  Over the years I have found two simple, relatively easy and effective methods for recruiting Scouts - listen in to find out what I think works. In this email answers podcast … [Read More...]