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Taking the Miraculous for Granted.

The Fords - Herb, top left - Shirley, bottom right. This is a personal note that hasn't much to do with Scouting but I think it's important, so bear with me for a moment. Let me introduce you to a couple of people I was thinking about this week. This is Herbert Anson Ford. Although I never met him I am told Herb was a pretty great guy, he was a postmaster, a Mason, a husband, the … [Read More...]


Scoutmaster Podcast 272 Eagle Scout Thoughts

There's always plenty to talk about when it comes to the Eagle Scout! In this week's podcast I'll opine (and preach a little) about our Eagle Scout attitudes and answer email questions about troop meeting chaos and an advancement mistake. The Big Three Resources every Scouter should read Sponsored By Backers Get The SCOUTMASTERCG APP Podcast … [Read More...]

resolving scouting problems

Resolving Scouting Problems

I often hear from Scouters and parents who ask me to help them resolve Scouting problems involving a personality conflict, a disappointment, or other difficulty. Here's a few recent examples - A parent of Scout who was disappointed by the outcome of an election was pretty sure that the election was unfair. Someone who wanted the Scoutmaster in their troop to hold youth leaders to a higher … [Read More...]


Scoutmaster Podcast 271

Help with the survey I mentioned here \ What does learning to ride a bike have to do with Scouting? Listen to my answer to an email question from a new Scoutmaster to find out, I answer several other questions on this podcast about records, troop size and youth leader accountability. LINKS IN THIS PODCAST Sponsored By Backers Get The SCOUTMASTERCG … [Read More...]

camp coffee

REI Camp Coffee French Press

I don't have one yet, but this coffee press was mentioned on one of our recent live chat sessions and it looks like a "must have" for connoisseurs of camp coffee! REI offers the press in three different sizes, they all get great reviews. The 48 ounce size would mollify a number of grouchy Scouters! Simple to use—add coarse ground coffee or loose-leaf tea and near-boiling water; let steep … [Read More...]