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Podcast 363 – Scouts as Players

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Podcast 362 – Scouters as Coaches

Thinking of Scouters as coaches ... ... can help us understand our role in the game. These are just analogies - we aren't actually coaches, and Scouting isn't actually a game.  Analogies are not exact copies, they only resemble what they represent. What a Scouter does may be similar to coaching, but Scouters hold an unique role in a young person’s life. We are part parent, part coach, part … [Read More...]

Podcast 361 – Scouting is a Game

We've heard this before, right? Baden-Powell employed the "Scouting is a game" analogy long before anyone else, and it is the best analogy I've found for explaining the wonderfully complex, intriguing, idea that is Scouting. We have to be careful because analogies break down at some point. While Scouting is a game in many ways, it's actually something far more than that. In this podcast I'll … [Read More...]

Podcast 360 – Happy Holidays!

Thank you for being a Scouter! Today I have a short story to share (with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore) I first read on Podcast 248 to wish readers and listeners happy holidays. The story includes Scouters in neckerchiefs, silence imploring, settling ourselves for a long winter’s snoring. Next week is Christmas and the following is new year’s, so for the next two weeks the podcast will be … [Read More...]

A New Approach to Scout Troop Planning

No matter how we hard tried our Scout Troop planning seemed to be losing the battle for for space on crowded family calendars. Participation in our program was all over the map, some events would be well attended, only a handful of Scouts would show up for others. Patrols were rarely at full strength and our youth leaders were batted back and forth between conflicting commitments. After … [Read More...]

Podcast 359 – A Tale of Two Scout Troops

Imagine two Scout troops, troop A and troop B. Both troops have “average” Scouts (whatever that means) who do what average Scouts do. Both have a well defined procedural approach to discipline and misbehavior. Troop A publishes a guide that defines the rules, how they are enforced, and penalties for breaking them. Troop B has no written rules, so they don't have any measures for policing … [Read More...]