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Choosing Appalachian Trail Gear

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Scoutmaster Podcast 356 Energy and Vision

Expertise and experience are overrated Scouts need Scouters with energy and vision more than Scouters with expertise and experience. Scouts don’t care what you know, they respond to who you are. In this podcast I answer three email questions. The first (begins at 1:05) comes from a new Scouter contemplating becoming a Scoutmaster, but is concerned they are inexperienced. I was a very … [Read More...]

Seven Appalachian Trail Lessons Plus Three

These Appalachian Trail Lessons come from Wade Bastian, one of two of my old Scouts hiking the 2200 mile trail. Wade and fellow Eagle Scout Bucky Kellorg started in February. As planned, Wade interrupted his hike to spend the summer employed as a peak steward in New York's Adirondack mountains Bucky completed the trail in July, here he is on Katahdin with fellow hiker Brightside  You can … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 355 When Scouts Misbehave

What do I do now? A Scout misbehaves, makes a mistake, or even consciously does something wrong, and things spin out of control, now what? If you hang around long enough your Scouts misbehave, and you'll will be confronted by this sort of incident, so what is your plan? I'll discuss an incident shared with me some time ago to illustrate some core ideas about the crucial things a Scouter … [Read More...]

BSA Separate But Equal Plan for Girls

I did not start out as a believer in co-ed Scouting. For most of the last 35 years I've been a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America the status quo worked fine for me, co-ed Scouting was a big unknown, and being unknown it was something to resist. Three Things That Changed My Mind. First - during a week-long international Scouting trip several years ago (and two more since) I watched co-ed … [Read More...]

Where Scout Leadership Begins

Can you define Scout leadership without using the words "lead", "leader", or "leadership"? The Scout oath and law does a great job of defining leadership without any of those words. Look at the simple promise "to help other people at all times". That's where Scout leadership begins: helping other people at all times, by serving others and making things happen. Once you see the oath and … [Read More...]