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Recent Articles

Podcast 330 – A Scoutmaster is not…

A Scoutmaster is not... ... the boss of a company and youth leadership are not employees we discipline or hire and fire. A Scoutmaster is not a commanding officer and Scouts are not soldiers who can be disciplined for “conduct unbecoming” a Scout, so let’s get that foolish idea out of our heads as well. In this podcast I'll share what a Scoutmaster is, and the special role they have in young … [Read More...]

Podcast 329 – Merit Badges

There's always more questions about merit badges... ... then I have useful answers because the vast majority of problems with merit badges are structural rather than procedural. But I hate missing an opportunity for a good, old fashioned rant. Listen in while I climb on my soapbox and opine about what I think the problem is, and how it could (but likely won't) be fixed. I'll also answer an … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 328 – Carts and Horses

If things aren't moving along the problem may be obvious... .. like our understanding of the relationship between the program, advancement, and positions of responsibility. The Scouting program is there, ready to go, but it can't go on it’s own can it? It’s all words in books, it does not have muscles or lungs, or a heart, or a brain, it’s just sitting there. In this podcast I'll answer a … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 327- Scouts on probation?

Thank you for your patience and support... ... over the past several weeks I've been away. I'll explain the situation in the introduction to this week's podcast. In addition I'll spend some time addressing two major questions raised by a recent email question, can Scouters discipline Scouts for incidents outside of Scouting? Can Scouters hold Scouts back from advancing because of their age? Two … [Read More...]

Charlie Green 1925-2016

We hadn't gone more than a hundred yards or so when an enemy rose up in front of us and started spraying us with a Schmeizer machine gun or 'burp gun' as we called them. We hit the ground and I, for one, just tried to get closer to the earth without returning fire immediately. What did happen immediately was that they started throwing in artillery or mortar fire (or both) on us. About this time … [Read More...]