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Scoutmaster Podcast 349 – Scout Contracts?

Should we ask Scouts to sign "leadership contracts"? A couple of decades ago I tried Scout contracts, it was a mistake. I guess at the time that I would teach my Scouts a thing or two and demand that that sign a Scout contract before they took on a role of responsibility. Of course they signed it and then they did not behave any differently, they missed meetings and trips just like before. I … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 348 – Who Leads Scout Leaders?

If the Scouts are leading themselves who is leading the Scout leaders? This week I'll field a couple of email questions that ask the question "who leads the Scout leaders?" Scouting is a team sport, while we all work to build consensus it's not a democracy. It is, as BP said, “a jolly game” that depends on families, scouts and Scouters working together in a collaborative process.  When people … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 347 – Scouting is an Iterative Process

You've used an iterative process before ... ... whether you know it or not. Iteration means trying something out in a slightly or wholly different way if it does not succeed when first tried. I have some email questions to answer this week and one got me thinking about iteration. Scouting is an iterative process, we repeat the same class of experiences in an effort to gain knowledge and that … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 346 – On The Appalachian Trail Again

Another visit with our favorite through hikers ... ... from a third of the way through their quest to complete the 2000 mile Appalachian Trail. Wade "Nutshoe" Bastain, Bucky "No Name, Buckminster" Kellorg, and their fellow Eagle Scout and hiking companion "Bear" join us from southern Virginia to relate their latest adventures along the Appalachian trail. In This Podcast 0:17 Scout … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 345- Active Scouts and Scouters

We encourage active Scouts a number of ways ... ... but at the heart of the matter there's only two things that make a difference, and  I'll discuss those two key points in this week's podcast. The same things that make active Scouts can help us increase activity at roundtables and other functions like courts of honor. We may be looking for answers in all the wrong places, or think low attendance … [Read More...]