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Recent Articles

Podcast 316 – Scouting is Discovery

What has a Mesoamerican Step Pyramid got to do with this? Today I want to talk about leadership, but I want to see if I can get you to come along with me and really examine what this means in Scouting.  Leadership in Scouting is based on discovery. I have (what I hope is a great) analogy to share with you, and this one is a whopper! It's a really complicated analogy, you may have to go back … [Read More...]

Podcast 315 – Outdoor Leadership

I want to share a great source for developing your skills! Outdoor leadership is different. What works at a Troop meeting or in the boardroom does not always translate well on a week-long backpacking or canoeing trip. Scouting offers great administrative training and valuable supplemental training in outdoor skills and safety. What we don’t have is a comprehensive training course in the group … [Read More...]

Ten Ways to Frustrate a Youth Leader

How do I know what frustrates a youth leader?  I have been guilty of each of these ten things at one time or another. People who volunteer to work with Scouts are generally good-hearted, well-meaning folks who want to do their best to guide Scouts towards growing into useful, good hearted people themselves. But this goodwill is not enough, we have to strive to develop our skills as adult … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 314 – Scouting Email Questions

Lots of answers that you may find useful! It's been a little while since I answered some email questions, so this is catch-up week. Listen as I talk about several different questions listeners have sent in over the past couple of moths, no doubt you have experienced something similar before, or may encounter these issues in the future. In This Podcast A deer in your pajamas?... … [Read More...]

How Do You Purify Water?

We'll purify many gallons of drinking and cooking water for three crews spending a week canoeing in Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park this summer. Here's what I have learned about purifying water for a hundred or so Scouts and adults who have taken this trip over the past dozen years. We need water for drinking and cooking, and treat them differently. Boiling We purify nearly all our … [Read More...]