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Recent Articles

Podcast 325 – Email Answers

I hope you had a great summer... The picture for this week's podcast is one of my favorite campsites on Proulx lake in Ontario Canada's Algonquin Provincial Park. We took twenty people in three crews this year and had a great time. I am glad to be back, and this week I'll answer some of the email questions you have sent over the break. In 30+ years as a Scouter I have been through difficult … [Read More...]

Scouting’s Future – Scoutmaster Podcast 324

In an often pessimistic world Scouting's future is inherently optimistic. Scouting is greater than a hedge against the perilous future, or a return to a storied past. We typically associate the future with technological advances. While technology will have a big role in shaping our future there are, perhaps, greater factors to consider. Scouting is a transformative journey following a guiding … [Read More...]

Scoutmaster Podcast 323 – Scout Camp!

Scout camp is a privilege, an opportunity, and an obligation. We get just so many great good places in life, and one of my favorites is our Scout camp. The history, names, stories and traditions are specific to our camp, but they share common threads with every Scout camp. This week I'll share some snapshots of a our annual alumni weekend, and the message we can carry to our Scouts about these … [Read More...]

Authentic Scouting is Viral!

How do you share knowledge or skills with more than one person? If it's just three or four people we get them together and tell them. Easy, right? What if it's ten or twenty people? How about thirty? When numbers grow we start thinking in terms of economy. The classroom is an economical model of instruction, we are all familiar with classrooms, so we'll probably employ that … [Read More...]